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What is Git and why should you use it?

In the simplest terms, as a computer science student at the university, and with a simple semester project that involves creating a website, you can collaborate with three of your classmates as follows: 😶 Maybe we all work on one computer. 🤓 No, each of us will work on our own computer, and we’ll exchange files through WhatsApp. 🤔 What if we make edits to the same file? How will we get updates from everyone? 🙄 Man, this seems complicated. 😀 It’s better if one of us volunteers and completes the project alone. No need to worry because if you use Git, all your problems will be solved. What is Git in simple terms? It’s a distributed version control system, free and open-source, designed to handle everything from small to very large projects quickly and efficiently. Version Control System (VCS) Before we delve into the details of Git, we need…

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Install and run WordPress on a local server

If you’re new to WordPress and still in the learning phase, you’ll definitely need to experiment with the ideas and topics you’re learning. You know that WordPress needs hosting and a domain to work, but what if you want to try WordPress without paying for hosting and a domain? You might search for free hosting and domain, don’t bother yourself, here’s how if you intend to do so. How do I get free hosting and domain? If you’re new to this field, I recommend you to know some basic information before continuing reading this article: What is WordPress platform and how to start with it What does hosting and domain mean in the web Key features of a local server How to get a local server A local server is simply a software like any other program that runs on your computer. It is installed in the same way, and…

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What are plugins in WordPress and how to use it

Most likely you are familiar with WordPress, the famous platform that has become a significant portion of websites on the internet today. However, as we’ve come to expect in life, nothing is perfect. Also, the WordPress platform lacks many features in its default state. When you initially install the system, you only get a basic blog. So where do the WordPress sites we see daily with their extraordinary features come from? The secret behind that is the use of plugins. If you don’t know much about WordPress, I advise you to read the following article before continuing. What is WordPress, and how do I get started with it? What is a plugin? From its name, it’s evident to us that it’s something additional, and this thing can be called an “add-on.” Remember when you used to play the game (PES) on your computer? Most likely, you were using the keyboard,…

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How do I get free hosting and domain

It’s beautiful to start your project through a website, but what if the available funds aren’t enough to purchase hosting and a domain? Will you give up on your dreams and wait for another time to gather the required amount? The domain name and web hosting are two different things; however, they are closely related. You need both a domain name and web hosting for your website to be present on the internet. This means that you cannot do without either of them. If you don’t know much about these terms, you can read the following article: What is Hosting and Domain in the Web. Think carefully before you decide In matters of life in general, people tend to pay for what they will get, and web hosting is no exception. If you choose the path of free hosting, be prepared for some common problems that come with it. Even…

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What is hosting and domain in the web

Newcomers to web design and development often wonder why these two terms are often mentioned together. Are they friends? Many beginners have these thoughts, while some may not know that they are separate things, each with a different purpose. In this article, we’ll explain what a domain and hosting are, how they work, and the difference between them. What is a domain name? A domain name is the address of a website on the internet, where people can access various websites by typing in their names. Simply put, it’s the words that internet users type into the URL bar of a browser to visit a website. For example, the domain name for our website is Domain names primarily consist of two parts separated by a dot, as illustrated in the previous image. The first part is your brand name, which can contain any combination of letters and numbers, such…

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What is WordPress and How to Get Started with It

The world of websites has evolved significantly, a transformation that was not witnessed two decades ago. In the past, if you needed a website, you had to request one from a specialized developer in website design and development. However, nowadays, we witness daily advancements in various information technology fields that simplify people’s lives and accomplish their tasks without the need for specialists. One of the most important platforms that doesn’t require in-depth programming knowledge to use is WordPress. What is WordPress Really? WordPress began in 2003 when Mike Little and Matt Mullenweg formed an unknown blogging tool known as B2 Little and Mullenweg aimed to create a better blogging platform, built on the foundation of the original B2 code but with more powerful features and more consistent development. The result was WordPress. Initially just a blogging tool, WordPress quickly grew to become a comprehensive Content Management System (CMS) capable of…

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