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What is hosting and domain in the web

Newcomers to web design and development often wonder why these two terms are often mentioned together. Are they friends? Many beginners have these thoughts, while some may not know that they are separate things, each with a different purpose.

In this article, we’ll explain what a domain and hosting are, how they work, and the difference between them.

What is a domain name?


A domain name is the address of a website on the internet, where people can access various websites by typing in their names. Simply put, it’s the words that internet users type into the URL bar of a browser to visit a website.

For example, the domain name for our website is itsuite.tech.

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Domain names primarily consist of two parts separated by a dot, as illustrated in the previous image. The first part is your brand name, which can contain any combination of letters and numbers, such as ITsuite. The second part is the domain extension, such as .com, .org, .net, .tech, etc.

Each domain is a unique web address. This means that there can only be one itsuite.tech website in the world.

What is hosting?

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Hosting, also known as web hosting, is like a hotel for your website files, ensuring they live peacefully. It’s somewhat similar to a hotel.

Essentially, it’s a rented storage space and other resources provided by a hosting company. The hotel has many rooms, each with different features. If someone wants to visit you while you’re in a specific hotel, they’ll need the address of that hotel, which can be compared to a domain name. We can also liken the room you’re staying in to hosting.

Similarly, in the world of websites, you need a domain name and hosting for your website to be available to everyone on the internet.

When a user requests your website by typing the domain name into their browser, they’re directed from the domain name to the files stored on the web server. Then, they see the website.

This is similar to a hotel’s receptionist, who directs visitors to your room when they come to see you at the hotel.

The Domain and Hosting – What’s the Difference?

I think the difference has become clear after reading the previous article. The domain name and web hosting are two different things; however, they are closely related. You need both a domain name and web hosting for your website to be present on the internet. This means that you cannot do without either of them.

To start, you can choose a domain name and register it with a specialized company. Most companies register for at least one year. You need to renew your domain before it expires to continue using it.

After that, you can purchase a hosting plan and link it to your domain name. Then, you can upload your website online to make it available to everyone. Hosting companies provide tools to help you upload and manage your website.

You can purchase both domain and hosting from the same company or from different companies, and there’s no problem with that.

f you buy a domain and hosting from the same company, the setup process will be a bit easier as you won’t need to change domain name settings. That’s why many companies have started offering both services together.

Domain prices are typically around $15 per year, while you need about $7 per month for a web hosting subscription. Of course, prices vary from company to company and depend on features and plan types.

Companies that provide hosting and domain services

Some of the most popular companies offering domain registration and hosting services include:

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